Jobs in Farm Laborer in Canada 2021

Jobs in Farm Laborer in Canada 2021

Employer of Job :

Sardul Brar Farms

Country For job:



Summerland. A town on the west side of the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada

Job Title:

Farm Worker



Timings for job:

30-40 hour out of every week; Flexible hours

Additional time is required

Start Date:

The first of May 2021



Jobs Policy:

Sardul Brar Farms is searching for four farmworkers. It is an occasional however everyday work opportunity.

The work may be dull since the yields should be planted, gathered, and get ready for the market. Besides, it is a truly requesting position. It incorporates a blend of standing, sitting, bowing, and squatting for significant stretches. Thusly, a fit and solid individual is needed for the work.

Additional time is likewise needed now and again; along these lines, somebody who is adequately adaptable to expand the hours will be thought of.

Nonetheless, the business doesn’t segregate dependent on race, religion, nation of having a place. The necessity is English language abilities and the capacity to separate tones since the reap of chime peppers requires shading arranging. The choice will be founded on the business’ judgment of the appropriateness of the applicant.

Since the work is actually requesting and incorporates working with crops, it will be dusty, sodden, loud, and wet. In this manner, the functioning conditions are unpleasant. The specialist may likewise need to work during warm climate conditions.

Specialist Duties and Responsibilities:

The fundamental work is to collect vegetables by hand, vegetable separating, and working apparatus. The apparatus incorporates a homestead truck, lift truck, and work vehicle. Related knowledge in working with these machines will be ideal.

Eventually, the item ought to be set up to dispatch to the market after a quality check.

The essential items are melons, zucchinis, tomatoes, cherries, chime peppers, and apples. It is a mix of cultivating vegetables and organic products aside from potato cultivating.

Occupation Requirements:

No related knowledge is required except for is liked. Working with ranch machines would be best. No authentication, degree, or certificate is needed for this work.

English language capability is needed to apply.

Likewise, the laborer ought to be lawfully allowed to work in Canada. Candidates who don’t have the approval to work in Canada won’t be considered by the business.


It pays $14.60/hour for a 30 to 40-day week.

Instructions to Apply:

Send in your applications to [email protected]

Or then again

Call between 10 AM – 4 PM on 250-490-5246

Application Deadline:

Apply by the twentieth of April 2021

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